This portfolio will allow you to learn about me. This includes my likes, style, personality, ethics, basically everything about me. Through this portfolio you will be taking a tour into my life. Hope you enjoy!!😉😉😉

Final Proposal- Collaboration Evaluation

After Completing this Final project, we were required to evaluate our team mates. I felt very satisfied with my team mate, Shanique Saldano and although at some points, I needed to push a bit, she always came through and we were always able to meet all our deadlines. So yap!! I believe I was paired with a great partner, and she is definitely receiving a great evaluation from me!!👌👌👌

Final Proposal- Completed Draft

Finally nearing the end, the final completed project proposal needed to be submitted. This included editing the problem section and the solution section and merging them together while also adding a cover page and an executive summary. At the end I felt very satisfied with all the work that team Ares completed together, and although the proposal still needed editing it was actually still a very good draft in my opinion!!😊😊😊

Final Proposal- Solution Section Draft

After the problem section of this project was completed it was time to start work on the solution section. This section basically gave the solutions to the problems. This section in my opinion was much more complex and difficult as team Ares needed to do much more research and also we needed to investigate types, quantity and prices to complete this section!!